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Payment Plan Terms

Payment plans are an agreement between MBI Holdings LLC and yourself that you will fulfill the terms of the payment plan or MBI Holdings LLC will be authorized to pursue payments via legal means. Payment plans are issued on good faith that payments will be fulfilled according to the terms of the payment plan outlined in the “Rules” and “Terms” sections below.

Rules Section:

Payment plans come with very strict rules:
  • No refunds are issued on payment plans
  • Payments made to a payment plan will not be refunded
  • You cannot cancel your payment plan.  You can pause it, however
  • Any payments that are not paid on time will be sent to collections if not brought into compliance within 30 days
  • Access to course materials will be terminated if payments lapse
  • 90-day payment pauses are available upon request

By enrolling in the payment plan, you explicitly agree to the terms outlined in “Rules” section above and the “Terms” section outlined below.